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Debra Lunn has been making quilts since 1963. While in graduate school in textile design in 1976 at the University of Minnesota, she began hand-dyeing fabrics for use in her own quilts. Debra's quilt, Counterpoint, was the first and only piece in Quilt National '79 (the first exhibition) that was made of hand-dyed fabrics. Debra's personal art quilts which feature hand-dyed fabrics that are made at Lunn Fabrics have continued to be included in national and international juried and invitational exhibitions.

In 1988, Debra started hand-dyeing fabrics in gradations to sell to other quiltmakers. In 1991, Debra met Michael Mrowka, and they joined together in the endeavor of Lunn Fabrics (and also as personal mates). Working together, Lunn Fabrics expanded to produce fabrics that are hand-dyed, hand-painted, airbrushed, hand-stamped, and screenprinted. Michael, a sculptor (See Sculpture Gallery) painter and a journeyman printer of 20 years (on paper), has streamlined production and invented new techniques and patterns.

In 1994, Debra and Michael began designing fabric for Robert Kaufman Company. They created innovative lines of fabric for commercial production, which include Pointillist Palette, Natural Creations, Vibrations, Prima Materia, Photo Real Clouds, DYE IT! and Precious Metals.

On October 1, 1998 Debra and Michael quit designing for Robert Kaufman to focus on their "one of a kind fabrics" and collaborating on a series of whole cloth and pieced art quilts which are constructed from the best of their one of a kind fabrics.

In the years after leaving Kaufman, we designed for two companies who were not good fits for us.

Then, in 2003, we got a phone call from the owner of Timeless Treasures Fabrics. They wanted us to work for them and be in charge of designing Timeless Treasures Tonga and Java Batik line in Indonesia. For the past 3 years we spent 1-2 months at a time in Indonesia working directly with the dyers. Our new Batiks are fabulous!


WE Have Returned Home to Robert Kaufman Company!! YIPPEE!!

In Early September we returned to our original home at Robert Kaufman in charge of their Batik division called "ARTISAN BATIKS". We are very happy to have returned to the positive working environment at Robert Kaufman. We will spend 2-3 months per year in Java managing and designing the ARTISAN BATIKS Line for Robert Kaufman.

We have only begun to push the envelope as far as what is possible with batiks. We are working with a new Batik manufacturer in Java with even more potential than our last manufacturer.


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