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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is your guarantee?
We want you to be pleased with our fabrics and our service.  We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  
We guarantee our fabric.  If you are unhappy with what you ordered for any reason, you may return it to us. (as long as you have not cut into it or damaged it in any way)   Your money will be refunded or credited to your account.  Please call  1-740-654-2202 before sending merchandise back to us. 

2.  What is your turn around time on delivery?
When you place your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation letter.  We are generally able to fill your order in 1-2 working days.  If there are any problems (i.e., duplicates, backorders, invalid credit card, etc.) we will either call you on the phone and/or send you an e-mail message.  Of course, the more quickly you get back to us, the faster your order can go out.  

3.  How do you ship your orders and do you ship internationally?

ALL ORDERS over $10 SHIP FREE in USA/APO/FPO.  Orders under $10 incur a minimal $5 charge to cover postage, delivery confirmation, and shipping/packing supplies.
Orders are sent out by United States Post Office (USPS) via First Class with Delivery Confirmation or Priority flat rate envelope/box with Delivery Confirmation.

Internationally? YES!
Orders to CANADA are a flat rate of $10 for orders up to $40, and $15 for orders $40.01 and above.  All other customs fees and duties are the responsibility of the customer.  The customs form will show the ACTUAL value of the order.  We will ship your order via AirMail or Priority flat rate envelope/box.

All other INTERNATIONAL customers - International orders will be shipped either Air Mail or Priority Mail depending upon the weight of the package.  The shipping amount shown on your order form is an ESTIMATE as some countries are more (or less) expensive.  If there is a significant difference between the estimate and the actual amount of the shipping, we will contact you to approve the additional amount. 
If you are paying by PayPal, please wait to pay until we package your order and then we will invoice you for the correct total amount.
There are some countries that we will not ship to because of their propensity for theft and mishandling or based upon established concerns for fraud and instability.  Once your package leaves the United States borders, we cannot guarantee the delivery or safety of your package.  All duty and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer. 
We follow all customs requirements including accurately stating the contents and value on the customs form.


4.  I don’t want to send my credit card number over the web.  How else can I order?
If you are in the U.S., you can call us at 1-740-654-2202 during regular business hours and we will take your credit card information and order over the phone.  We also accept PayPal.  Of course, you can always mail your order to us with a check or money order. 

5.  Do you keep my information on file?
After your first order, we keep your important information in an old fashion file box (not on our computer).  We keep track of your name, address, phone number, e-mail address,  credit card number and expiration date.  .  If you are a repeat customer, you must re-enter your name, address, phone and e-mail information,  but you can check the box for credit card number on file.

6.  I am a shop owner and really like the fabrics in your catalog, can I buy them wholesale?
The Artisan Batik fabrics on our site are available through Robert Kaufman Co.

Please visit:   www.robertkaufman.com 

The other "non" Artisan Batik fabrics are our private production from here in our Ohio studio and Java studios, and are not available for wholesale sales at this time.


7.  Do you have a storefront & regular hours?
Yes,  We are open 10am-4pm Monday - Saturday  For other times or for guild tours or group visits, please call 1-740-654-2202 to make an appointment. 

8.   Do you schedule group tours?
Yes.  We welcome both small and medium size groups (20 people is ideal, but 40 can work).  We've had small groups of friends out for a day of fun, neighborhood quilt groups, both traditional and contemporary quilt guilds come for a shopping day.


9.   How do I wash Batiks?
All of our batiks and tie-dye fabrics are colorfast and washfast. The dye has been set and needs no further setting. The fiber reactive dye is permanent as long as you use no bleach. Proper washing in your washing machine is as follows: Wash in cool to warm water using a non-alkali soap or detergent. We recommend Synthrapol or Orvus. Remove fabric from washer as soon as cycle is complete and tumble dry with a medium heat setting. If you're concerned that the darker batiks could possibly bleed into lighter areas in your project and you will be washing your finished project, we suggest you pre-wash any red, dark blues, dark greens and blacks to avoid any bleeding issues.

10.  How can I tell the FRONT from the BACK of Batik fabric?

 The FRONT side has a clearer, cleaner image in waxed  areas.  (white)

Front of Batik

 FRONT of Batik Fabric


The BACK side of waxed fabric has blemishes or dimples.  (grey spots in white)

Back of Batik

 BACK of Batik Fabric


The FRONT side has a clearer image in waxed areas.  (black trees)

Front of Batik

 FRONT of Batik Fabric


The BACK side of waxed fabric has blemishes or dimples.  (light spots in black)

Back of Batik

 BACK of Batik Fabric


With Handpaints, the teltale aspect is the the sandy texture. The sandy texture is always crisper and clearer on the FRONT of the fabric.

Front of Handpaint

 FRONT of Handpaint Fabric


The sandy texture is always LESS clear on the BACK of the fabric.

Back of Handpaint

 BACK of Handpaint Fabric