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Pre-cut, Pre-order Artisan Batiks

This section includes wax batiks from various new Artisan Batiks collections in pre-cut selections.
All Artisan Batik fabrics are hand-made using traditional techniques in Java, Indonesia.
All fabrics are 100% cotton and 44" wide unless noted otherwise.
Designed by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka.
We give back to the Batik Community by giving 5% of all gross sales to Ganesa Library in Solo, Java, Indonesia.


The Batik Collections in Pre-cuts are listed so you can conveniently PRE-ORDER them and get them before they are released.
Many times they quickly sell out after their release and this gives you the opportunity to own them first!
We also have pre-cuts in the Prisma Dyes organized by colorway. These Prisma Pre-cuts are generally available all the time.

Row x Row 2018 - Woodland Hootenanny

Our 2018 Row by Row for the theme Sew Musical has the full size layout sheet, instructions, and all the Prisma Dyes to help you create the Woodland Hootenanny. Size is 12" x 27" and although we have it oriented vertically, you could rearrange it as you please horizontally.
The pieces are NOT laser cut.
These cute animals playing instruments are - a moose playing a guitar, a bluebird singing, a racoon playing a violin, a box turtle playing the drums (which happens to be her buddy, another box turtle!), and a squirrel playing a banjo.

Ref # kit_rxr2018

$35.00    per kit   Quantity:  

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