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Quilt & Wallhanging Patterns

This section includes commercially produced patterns - home decor, quilts, and assorted wall or table top accessories.
Patterns are chosen by Michael and Debra since they complement our wax batiks from the Artisan Batiks collections.
All Artisan Batik fabrics are hand-made using traditional techniques in Java, Indonesia.
All fabrics are 100% cotton and 44" wide unless noted otherwise.
We give back to the Batik Community by giving 5% of all gross sales to Ganesa Library in Solo, Java, Indonesia.


Color Play by Joen Wolfrom BOOK

Color. It has the power to set a mood, make a statement, bring a design vividly to life.
Now Joen Wolfrom’s classic guide to creating with color has been completely updated to make it easier than ever to enhance your creative work with the beauty of well-chosen colors.
Joen covers it all, from color combining basics to how to use nature’s tricks to create an illusion of depth, reflections, shadows, and highlights.
Learn the emotional meanings of colors, their physical effects on people, and much more -
all richly illustrated with photos of nature and of beautiful quilts.
• A feast for the eyes - over 100 new quilt photos show how to use color effectively
• A must-have reference; includes swatches of tints, shades, and tones for all 24 colors
in the Ives Color Wheel
• A spark for your imagination: Try out five different color schemes for each of the 24 colors.
144 pages, paperback.

Ref # patt_colorplay_book

$29.95    each   Quantity:  

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