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Batik Fat Quarter Packages

Lunn Fabrics has two kinds of FQ Samplers….

10 pc. FQ Samplers (2-1/2 yards total) – A range of batiks in the specified color.
Fabrics are one-of-a-kind and representative of the fabrics you will receive in the specified color.
You will not receive the exact fabrics shown in the photo.

9 pc. FQ Samplers (2-1/4 yards total) - The fabrics shown in the picture are the fabrics you will receive.

All Fat Quarters are 18.5” x 22” and 100% Cotton.

All Artisan Batik fabrics are hand-made using traditional techniques in Java, Indonesia.
For more exotic combinations, stop by our shop in Lancaster, Ohio!

Designed by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka.
We give back to the Batik Community by giving 5% of all gross sales to Ganesa Library in Solo, Java, Indonesia.


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"Special Edition" Winter Ice FQ

9 Fat Quarters
Lunn Exclusive!
You will receive "the same fabrics as shown in the image".

Ref # spec_fq_winterice

$30.00    9 pc. pkg.   Quantity:  

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